C'est la vie :) Sara Anne de Waart

-Mirar hacia el futuro No habitan en el pasado
-Welsh girl at Heart :)
-Have some Dutch in my blood which explains the name but to me im 100% Welsh
Cymru am Byth!
-Big film lover and have too many dvd's for my own good :) im like blockbuster for my friends ;)
Class of 2011 ;)
-Sara. Seventeen, film fanatic,tv series girl, music, books and friends! Would like to try everything once .Before its too late ;)
-90210.Lost.F.r.i.e.n.d.s.Bones.Glee.Vampire Diaries.Gossip Girl.Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Cougar Town.Heroes.24...Doctor who.Only way is Essex.
-On screen loves : Chuck and Blair, Dr and Rose, Booth and Brenan, Sawyer and Juliet, Sawyer and Kate, Annie and Liam, Naomi and Max...
-Proud Welsh girl and would not change that for the world. Im the kinda girl you take as i am, im not gonna change if someone feels i should.
-I love my friends and will do anything for them, i don't care when or where if they needed me i would be there.
-What i want to do this year: stop caring about people who obviously don't give a shit about me. Cherish the people i have and the ones that are important . You know who your real friends are when you really need them.
My life quote at the moment is fuck it and take it as it comes and live my life while im still young don't waste teenage life on things that are obviously not worth it!
-Want to travel and see the world!
-10 things i can think about right now that i <3
Rain drops
Smell of fresh bread
My bed
Shutting the world out with headphones
Film night in or cinema
Night out with my friends
Diet coke
-And thats basically me =D

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